Former Vice-President, Organizational Development at TIW, an international telecommunications company operating in Canada, China, India, Brazil and Eastern Europe. Prior to joining TIW, Philippe was a senior consultant at HAY Management Consultants and McBer, in France and in Canada. In 2002, Philippe co-created CORTO.REV. Through his extensive experience in Executive search and organizational development, Philippe Mast provides practical solutions to maximize efficiency and profitability.  Internationally, various mandates surrounding the start-up of new companies or reforming companies in difficulty have led him to manage projects and teams with multiple skills.

Recently, two areas of expertise have enabled him to give his clients a competitive advantage in facing the competition for talent, either by finding their leaders or by developing strategies for succession management and leadership development tailored to their needs. Philippe holds an MA from the École Supérieure de Commerce de Rouen and the University of Aston (UK).

Co-founder of ELIT Search (Montreal)
Partner, CORTO.REV – Executive search & Organizational Development (Montreal)
Vice-President, TIW – Human Resources & Organizational Development(Montreal)
Consultant, McBer – Behavioural Development (Montreal)
Consultant, HAY Management Consultants – Strategy & Organization (Paris)
Consultant, HAY Management Consultants – Compensation (Paris)

International Background:
• Swiss and French nationalities (born in Paris)
• Worked in Canada, France, Brazil, UK, Morocco, Algeria, Romania and Czech Republic
• French and English spoken